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I don't care what you do on the wild west of c-list, just say what you really mean. You aren't fooling anyone. Their exchange actually went on for a while, with the photographer basically throwing a teenage piss party followed by unsuccessful damage control with the general public. Oh, look, a drive-by facebook creeper. If you are interested please send us 3 copies of each of your feet top viewsole view and side view long toes preferred but we accept others as well. Once confirmed you will be contacted for possible job opportunities.

Please contact only if interested. Thank you.

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I am the talent acquisition manager for 4 separate companies. They hire me to find them beautiful men and women for live erotic art exhibits. The exhibits involve a young man and a young woman engaging in an NUDE Erotica, Kama Sutra role play while painters, sculptors, photographers and sketchers watch and capture their performances. We can have 5 to 15 artists watching at any given time. In your subject box write Kama Sutra Model, and include a brief description of yourself on the body of your and include your full name and phone. Attach current photos that show your face and your body.

Make sure those photos make us want to call you back. Are you a model looking for work???? New To Modeling?

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Young Photographer is seeking a female model who is at least a size and who would be interested in posing for a bedroom bondage product shoot. Craigslist nudes tumblr shoot will be a short approx. You can be faceless. You will be the only person in the shoot, it will not involve any sexual contact. The photographs will be used to sell a bondage product both online and at fetish events. Your face does not have to be seen, masks are available If you are interested please submit all of the following information.

Privacy guaranteed. When you are available 3. I am looking to do the shoot this weekso please be thorough and include all of the requested information and audition shoots if you would like to be considered. Paid in cash. If you would like to do this let me know. This app will be bigger than sliced bread and I know by you ing me craigslist nudes tumblr career will launch!

I am currently shooting for a self-produced book, along the style that you can see here:. Would you be interested in working with me? The release i would need is one that let me publish the book; the shooting would not be paid directly, but eventual financial outcomes would be split.

I can easily travel around with my equipment. Another reader submission. However, the guy goes by Mr. Please note that this casting is for a paid gig, not a photoshoot. There will be no photos taken or video footage captured at all. This casting is essentially for the equivalent of a paid event. During therapeutic single sessions hugs will be one-on-one. For therapeutic group sessions hugs will be rotational. We have come to understand that every once in a while, everything needs to STOP including dialogue and take a backseat to a prolonged hug.

It can serve as a means of relaxation, refocus, and reconnection.

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You will leave our therapeutic hug sessions feeling re-energized, almost as if you had hit a mental reset button. Individuals will feel a certain level of calm, clarity, and confidence after each session. While couples will experience a feeling of unified emotions and togetherness. The Shit Art Models See on Craigslist I don't care what you do on the wild west of c-list, just say what you really mean. Thank you ". If you are interested in trying this, please us at: In your subject box write Kama Sutra Craigslist nudes tumblr, and include a brief description of yourself on the body of your and include your full name and phone.

Paid in cash ". Requirements: Be in shape and have nice round boobs since it will be used as a canvas. Look at the pics below and its similar to what im looking for. Yes, this is a paying gig ". All you need to have are nice round boobs. And will be pay an actual wage or a dollar and a ham sandwich? If I do finish it, there is the matter of selling it— and to whom. Basically, You are never getting paid for this. Want to shoot trade? High-end clients are paying top dollar for therapeutic hug single sessions, and group sessions.

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For therapeutic couple sessions obviously your services will not be required. A hug from your spouse, your lover, a friend, or even a total stranger? A therapeutic hug session may just be what you are in need of! Totally not a print gig, in fact I have no idea what this is.

Craigslist nudes tumblr

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