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My new job requires me to wear pantyhose or stockings every day. Do any of you ladies have a favorite brand or preference? Good blend of comfort, durability, and even coloration. However, recently I discovered Silkies. They have a good selection, decent prices, and the quality of the hosiery is quite high.

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They're easy to forget you have on. I will give them a slight knock on shipping times though. They can take their time sometimes. Anyway, I hope that helps, and please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about sizing or care! Calvin Klein is great if you can get them on sale. I always buy them a size or two bigger than necessary so they won't fall down. Honestly, Spanx.

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I don't buy the version with the shapewear, but I've actually had tights for a couple of years from them and recently bought nylons that I didn't put my thumb through on the initial wear. I don't think my brand preference will be helpful because it's local.

But I buy only 40 denier in a non-cringey, natural looking tone no suntan, everin a size larger. I've been wearing Pretty Polly Naturals for about 5 years now, I think they're the best "non-hose looking" pantyhose there is. They are only 5 denier and super silky feeling. I had to order mine from the U. K for the first several years but now several retailers here in the U. S sell them plus a lot of online retailers. I'm curious, what is your favorite pantyhose that they're requiring you to wear them?

Ralph Lauren hosiery is amazing. It's like a push-up bra for your backside. Also pretty durable. I have a pair of tights I've worn easily times that is still perfect.

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I can throw them in the washing machine tights just in the wash, hose in a lingerie bag and it is fine. Love them. I just use the cheap ones from Walmart. In my mind, no matter how expensive, they always end up ripping on me. So I'd rather pay like 8 bucks if they're just going to rip in a couple wears. Try going up a size from what you're used to wearing. The size issue is a common one, but nylon is deed to conform and shrink down. It won't really tear unless it's stretched past its maximum. And since the nylon will confirm, even a larger size, somewhat counter-intuitively, will actually fit better in terms of staying up, and not having the waistband bunch.

As for the material content, nylon has very little elasticity. If you put favorite pantyhose much of it into a garment as delicate as pantyhose, it's much easier to tear. Do you have a favorite brand of pantyhose?

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Sort by: top suggested. If you don't mind taking advice from a guy Again, if you don't mind advice I hope that helps some!

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These are the 5 pairs of black tights we swear by because they don't rip, snag, or roll down