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Like if my my partner were to purposelly put on weight for our pleasure would that be a sin? He would not gain to an unheathly would though.

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Its really the weight gain aspect that is arousing as well. Like I understand its not a sin to be attracted to a larger man but would it be a sin if a my partner put on weight on purpose? I think it would be unwise for someone to gain weight just to please their partner unless they were unhealthily thin. I mean where would it stop? How much would they have to gain to please you? It would not come close to any level of unhealthiness. I know it is a weird fetish but it is really my only way that I can sexually be intimate with a man. Do you think this is a sin if we were to engage in it together but, as long as it was done healthily and it is used as a way for us to be intimate?

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As long as you are married to the man you are intimate with then no one cares. If you meet a man who wants to marry you and is happy to do this then why not? However what happens when he has put on a bit of weight? Will he then need to put more on to keep you interested? When would it stop? There are people ive seen with this fetish fat fetish forum want to get their partner as big as possible.

To me that is horrible and defenitly not me. If he were to put on more weight I would not be attracted to him anymore. There is defenitely a limit to what I am attracted to. Are you "just a bit" overweight and have a little tummy? Does this fetish have less to do with having a fetish and more to do with feeling comfortable in bed with a man who also isn't quite perfect in the weight department?

You'll only feel comfortable in bed with a man who is a little overweight like yourself? Not judging - just wondering. You don't mention marriage or any type of committed relationship. Have you ever attempted a physical relationship with skinny men that didn't work out? BTW, I wouldn't normally ask people questions like this, but since you're anonymous here So basically you want to meet a slim guy and then ask him to put on weight and then stop and you will be happy?

The thing is that you are only 19 and sex is for marriage only, so presumably it will be many years before this is an issue. Re: What fat fetish forum do with this "fat fetish"? OP is already having sex with these chubby men Is it truly a sin?

I've been praying about this for months now and still don't know that answer. She is seeking approval of sex outside of marriage Logged chosenone Global Moderator Posts: Manna: Gender: Re: What to do with this "fat fetish"? She is seeking approval of sex outside of marriage Yes I thought that but was fishing to try and see if she would admit to it. Im just freaking out whether or not this "fetish" is a sin or not and if God will hate me I I were to get involved with a man and indulge in the fetish.

Then put on a bit of a belly? Or can they have a belly when you meet them that is still attractive to you? What's at the core of your "fetish" as you say it is? Do you like knowing that they were maybe a better looking then for you they sacrificed some bit of bodily vanity for your happiness?

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Please or register. Did you miss your activation ? What to do with this "fat fetish"? s: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: What to do with this "fat fetish"? Read times. So, I am 19 and in college. No this isn't a troll post or anything of the sorts. My entire life I have been trying to come to terms with this fat fetish.

I am only attracted to bigger guys. Basically the fetishy part is when the guy puts on weight. Not to wear they are morbidly obese or anything but just kinda chubby and they are still healthy. My entire life I feel like God hates me for having this fetish but, now i'm starting to question this. I still feel feel horrible though. I am a proud Christian and feel like I am going to hell if I ever engage in this fetish at all. The reason I'm confused about this is because even though this is a strange fetish it is my only way I can sexually bond fat fetish forum a man and be intimate.

Do you think this fetish is a sin or am I overthinking all of this. Any response is appreciated, Thank you. Why do you call this a fetish? We are all attracted to different things in a partner and you are attracted to a larger man. I cant see what is wrong with that. No better or worse than men being attracted to skinny women for example. No God doesn't hate you, but remember He does say that sex is for marriage only. Its just the weight gain aspect. Quote from: Zelda64 on Sun Jan 19, - Moto Moto liked his woman big and chunky.

Quote from: Zelda64 on Mon Jan 20, - I mean just a bit to develop a belly. As I stated earlier Im not into super fat guys. You need to tell us more about yourself. Quote from: chosenone on Mon Jan 20, - Quote from: seekingHiswisdom on Tue Jan 21, - No I do not intend to have premartical sex, so am I okay then? This is not about being uncomfortable and I do not want to have premarital sex.

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