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When you think of the naughtiest games you can play, truth or dare is probably one of the first that come to mind. Usually, you need a group of people for it, but it is possible to play with just two. We did take some liberties, though, by including questions to ask him, as well. To make things easier for the both of you, try and plan out a time where you both have privacy. Our personal recommendation is to do this at night, possibly before bed.

Although we think it might be a little difficult for either of you to go to sleep after carrying out some of the dares on our list…. Communicating by text is incredibly important nowadays. Knowing what men truly desire makes this much easier. Women can be visual people just as often as men are.

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Daring him to give you a virtual strip tease lets you take full advantage of the nature of the game to get visually stimulated in a way unlike any other. By building his confidence, you can guide him the right direction for a little more fun further down the road. The night is still young, after all. Tell him to send you a video of him describing out loud what he would do to you if he were with you. What will make it insanely spicy is getting to watch the look on his face as he describes everything he wants to do to you out loud. You know how you can eat foods like a banana sensually?

He can do that for you with something he can lick. Think of foods that show you what he can do with his tongue, like licking a spoonful of peanut butter, pudding, or yogurt. He can record himself singing you a song with hot lyrics — you get to pick the song, or he can pick. You know what we mean. But this challenge makes him get snapchat dares dirty.

He can show you snapchat dares dirty his pants, snap an over-the-covers pic, or take a picture snapchat dares dirty him in his underwear. Boost his confidence: ask him to send you a picture of what he thinks his best physical attribute is. Make sure you give it a little praise, too. He probably likes compliments just as much as you do, and it will encourage him to have more pride in himself. Like photos of his goodsvideos of him engaging in a little, shall we say, self-care can be too much sometimes.

But recording his face or the way he sounds? This is a particularly good trick for long-distance couples. Feel free to return the favor here and send him a video of your own. Nothing is quite as satisfying as getting to feast your eyes on him entirely. If he has the setup for it, get him to take a nice full-body picture of himself in a mirror for you — wearing nothing but his birthday suit, of course.

Dare him to send you a nude picture snapped anywhere…except in his bedroom or the bathroom. Then the stakes are much higher. In comparison to many of the other things on this list, this is pretty tame. On top of that, you might get a few laughs and smiles out of it, and those are never a bad thing to make him do.

In all honesty, this might also get a little silly depending on the kind of expression he decides is sexy. Want to make it really funny? Consider adding a twist to the dare, like he has to tell you in an accent of some kind. There are countless other rooms in the house. This is both a challenge of his creativity again, and if he lives with roommates, a potentially thrilling risk, too.

Asking him to take a picture of himself in his bed is pretty self-explanatory. He could take it in all kinds of directions. He can go anywhere online for inspiration here. You can ask him to tell you what his favorite parts of your body are.

Up the ante a little here by having him explain why he likes each one, or what he would like to do to each one. Figure out how they factor into his fantasies so you can take advantage of them in the future. It could be extra naughty if they were from before you started seeing each other. Make a mental note to act them out within reason at a later time.

Obviously, if he had dreams about undressing you while riding on the back of an elephant, that might not be so easy to achieve. It could be different from his answers about your body. You might have a feature that he finds particularly stunning, although he usually focuses on something else. You can follow up the last question with this one.

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Take notes, ladies. This is a good time to get him to tell you what looks best on you…and to take total advantage of it, of course. Follow this up with a question about what his daydreams are, exactly. Our casual daydreams can be different from our deepest and darkest fantasies. Asking questions in a game of truth or dare sort of leaves you on the sidelines.

Questions like these, however, get you more involved. Whether it was on a hiking trail, in a tent, or even on a blanket underneath the stars, it could be a fun question to tease him about. Not all guys are into chests and butts. This question forces him to think outside the box.

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Whatever he says, you could think about incorporating the clothes into your next date outfit, too! Is a he a sweet tooth? He might have some kinky toys of his own for himself, or to use on you. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stimulate His Mind, Heart, and Body. Some Ground Rules for Texting Make sure you plan a good time to send him these dirty dares. Although we think it might be a little difficult for either of you to go to sleep after carrying out some of the dares on our list… Consider what kind of relationship you have.

Sexy Pictures or Videos Make him give you a strip tease. Ask him to show you his sexiest dance. This is both snapchat dares dirty and tantalizing. Request that he sings you a dirty song. Feeling bolder? Ask him to show you how he handles it. If you want more than just the sound of him, tell him! Go all out and ask him for a video of it. Request a full-body picture of him. Get a shirtless picture from him.

Have him send you a video or picture of him trying to touch his nose with his tongue.

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Make him record himself telling you his best dirty pickup lines. Then sit back and watch him struggle. Tell him to take a selfie of himself in bed. Do you have a favorite body part of his?

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Ask him for a picture of it. Do you think he has a great butt or anything else, really? What does he wear to bed?

Snapchat dares dirty

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